The Everyday Things Which Harm Teeth

Could you be doing something every day which harms your teeth? Find out below.

What We Drink

Water is the best drink for your dental health because it cleans away food debris and provides fluoride, a mineral which helps rebuild tooth enamel. However, other beverages that you may drink throughout the day can harm your dental health.

  • Soda contains sugar and acid, two ingredients which are used to eat away tooth enamel. When you sip soda throughout the day, you are constantly bathing your teeth in acid, which leads to decay.
  • Drinking coffee and tea may be a regular routine, but it is bad for your oral health. Not only can these beverages stain teeth, but the caffeine in them dries the mouth, increasing your risk for tooth decay.
  • Alcohol use, whether through a glass of wine or a beer at the end of the day, can also harm your mouth. Alcohol dries out the mouth and irritates tissues, which increase your risk for oral cancer.

What We Do

Our daily habits may sometimes go unnoticed by us, but through them you could be unknowingly wreaking your teeth. Avoid these bad habits if you want your teeth to stay healthy and strong.

  • Some may have a nervous habit of chewing on their fingernails, a pen, or another hard object. However, teeth were not designed for this, and doing so can cause them to crack or shift.
  • Grinding teeth is a coping mechanism for anxiety, but causes strain to the teeth and jaw. If you are grinding your teeth, find other ways to deal with stress. This is especially important because grinding your teeth in the day can cause you to do it while you sleep.
  • Do not brush your teeth too hard. This may seem contra to getting them clean, but when you brush too hard the enamel can erode and the gums recede.
  • If you are struggling to open a bag of chips or rip off a piece of tape, you may be tempted to tear at these materials with your teeth. However, this can harm your teeth and you can even get the materials stuck between them.
  • Tobacco use is not only deadly for the body, but for the mouth as well. Tobacco stains teeth and increases your risk for tooth decay and oral cancer.