Tips on How to Care for Your Denture

It’s very important to keep your denture in tip-top shape, and there are four different things you can do to do so, including:

Brush your appliance daily
Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush your appliance daily to remove plaque and food particles from its surface. Brushing can also help prevent permanent stains on the dentures. Make sure you gently brush the appliance so you do not damage the plastic or the attachments. Also, we strongly recommend rinsing the dentures between meals.

Use the proper alliance cleaner
It is best to clean your dentures with hand soap, mild dishwashing liquid, or an ultrasonic cleaner. Do not clean your dentures with abrasive toothpaste, household cleaners, or bleach. Also, please do not use these cleaning techniques to replace your brushing routine. They are best used in addition to the brushing.

Take care of the dentures while not wearing them
While you sleep or while you are not wearing the appliance, keep the dentures in a moist environment, like in a cup of denture cleaner or a cup of water. This will keep the denture dry and it will keep it from losing its shape. However, if your denture has metal attachments, it’s best to keep it in water rather than the denture cleaner. The denture cleaner will tarnish the metal.

Handle the dentures with great care
Do your best not to drop the dentures. Dropping it can damage the appliance. So, when you take it out of your mouth and put it back in, stand over a folded towel or lean over a sink full of water.

If you do these things, your dentures will continue to give you your perfect smile. We care about you and your smile, and we are happy to give you all of the suggestions you need to finally reach your oral health goals. We also recommend calling our office if you have any questions. We are delighted to help you!