3 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Smile for Christmas

As Christmas quickly approaches, it’s important that you help your smile prepare for the holiday. Whether you believe it or not, Christmas can be very dangerous and harmful for your teeth as well as your gums, so it’s best to do what you can to give your oral health the best chance at surviving this year.

To help you help your smile, we recommend doing the following things:

1. Buy a new toothbrush: If you have used your toothbrush for about 3-4 months or if your brush is extremely worn down, it’s time to get a new one. New toothbrushes effectively and safely clean your teeth each day and they care for your gums. Worn toothbrushes hardly clean your pearly whites and they tend to irritate and harm your oral tissues. So, go to your local grocery store today and buy yourself a new soft-bristled toothbrush that has been approved by the American Dental Association.
2. Get your teeth cleaned: Professional dental cleanings are vital if you want a strong and successful oral health. They are also important during the holiday season because there are many different foods, treats, and drinks that can have damaging effects on your smile. After you’ve received a dental cleaning and checkup, your smile will be ready to face Christmas!
3. Use a teeth-whitening treatment: Teeth-whitening treatments are great ways to achieve the white, bright smile you want for Christmas pictures. So, why not take advantage of one today? You can simply purchase a whitening treatment at your local grocery store or you can take advantage of our professional whitening treatment at our office.

If you do these three things, your smile will not only be in tip-top shape, but it will also be extremely beautiful! You will love your smile and you will want to show it off to the world every chance you get.

Call our office today if you have any questions or if you need to schedule an appointment with our caring dental team. We look forward to helping you achieve the gorgeous smile you deserve this Christmas!